EPCOT has undergone a lot of transformations since its opening at Walt Disney World in 1982. What began as Walt Disney’s dream for an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow is now a thriving theme park beloved by millions. The original EPCOT looked and felt much different than the park we know and love today, and some friendly fans have put together an event to celebrate what EPCOT was during its first decade.

, EPCOT Center Day – A Fan Event Celebrating EPCOT’s Origins
EPCOT Center Day – March 4th, 2023

What is EPCOT Center Day?

EPCOT Center Day is a fan-created and fan-focused event honoring the original vision of the EPCOT Center park that existed in its first decade, from 1982-1992. Fans are encouraged to celebrate this era by wearing outfits that pay tribute to the attractions, characters, ideals, or overall feeling of EPCOT Center during this time period. Participants will engage with other fans of vintage EPCOT, enthusiasts of 1980s fashion and music, and folks with a special spot in their hearts for nostalgia.

The inspiration for EPCOT Center Day was born after event coordinator Mike participated in a Dapper Day event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The styles of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s worked so well with the setting of the park that it made him think that the 1980s should be celebrated in the same way at EPCOT. 

, EPCOT Center Day – A Fan Event Celebrating EPCOT’s Origins
EPCOT Center Day Button

When is EPCOT Center Day?

EPCOT Center Day will be celebrating its first official day on Saturday, March 4th 2023! This special weekend was chosen to honor Figment, the unofficial mascot of EPCOT, whose birthday is March 5th. It was important for the event coordinators to honor EPCOT in every way possible, which is why they planned it around EPCOT’s most notable celebrity.

, EPCOT Center Day – A Fan Event Celebrating EPCOT’s Origins

What activities are planned for EPCOT Center Day?

The night before the event, Friday, March 3rd, event organizer Mike of Dapper Travels Today will be getting into the swing of things at Jellyrolls at Disney’s BoardWalk. Top hits from the 80s and 90s will be playing to get everyone in the mood for the next day’s activities! Come and join in on the fun while the dueling pianists play and you dance your way into EPCOT Center Day.

On Saturday, March 4th, event organizers will be standing near the jumping fountains outside of the Magic Eye Theater (on the EPCOT map, this is known as the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival) at 11:00am to organize the initial group photo and to distribute scavenger hunt sheets. The scavenger hunt will be a fun and historical tour of EPCOT, focusing on Disney Easter Eggs, overlooked areas, and forgotten secrets from the early days of EPCOT Center. The scavenger hunt covers every corner of the park, so get your favorite pair of walking shoes on, grab some binoculars, and get ready for the search!

The event will end at 5:00pm outside the American Garden’s Theater, where an end-of-day group photo will be taken while the former lead vocalist of Journey serenades EPCOT guests with hits from the 80s. A perfect way to end a day focused on the first decade of EPCOT Center.

, EPCOT Center Day – A Fan Event Celebrating EPCOT’s Origins

What should I wear?

Everyone planning to end EPCOT Center Day should be able to feel like they’re part of the original EPCOT Center park! Guests are encouraged to wear outfits inspired by the 80s and early 90s. Taking a look at some photos from the opening years of EPCOT is a real blast from the past and could help you come up with a signature look.

Disneybounding is also highly encouraged! Characters such as Figment, Buzzy from Cranium Command, the Horizons Robot Butler, Captain EO, and the Norwegian trolls from Maelstrom have proven to be timeless favorites. Let’s bring them back to life as we pay tribute to EPCOT Center’s early years.

, EPCOT Center Day – A Fan Event Celebrating EPCOT’s Origins

Will there be prizes?

Everyone who shows up to the group photo at 11:00am will receive a 1-inch button that has the EPCOT Center Day logo. And anyone who remains in the park and finishes the scavenger hunt will receive an EPCOT Center Day sticker to commemorate this fantastic fan created event.

, EPCOT Center Day – A Fan Event Celebrating EPCOT’s Origins

Who is invited?

Everyone is invited to participate in EPCOT Center Day! People of all ages are encouraged to come and join in on the fun. This family-friendly and fan-created event is sure to be a huge hit, especially with tried and true fans of EPCOT. If you have a soft spot in your heart for nostalgia, the 80s and 90s, or our Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, you won’t want to miss out on EPCOT Center Day!

, EPCOT Center Day – A Fan Event Celebrating EPCOT’s Origins

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, EPCOT Center Day – A Fan Event Celebrating EPCOT’s Origins
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Let’s Hear From You!

How does EPCOT Center Day sound to you? Which era of EPCOT is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

, EPCOT Center Day – A Fan Event Celebrating EPCOT’s Origins

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