It’s never really a surprise when Disneyland raises ticket prices… if anything it’s shocking that it’s taken them this long to do it. The last time Disneyland adjusted their prices was in February of 2020. They reopened the parks after a closure of over a year on April 30th with their previous ticket pricing structure still in place. 

, Going Up – Disneyland Ticket Price Increase Today!

Disneyland Ticket Price Increase 2021

Today (10/25/21), Disneyland will raise their prices and also change things up a bit. In a bit of marketing wizardry, they are actually keeping their lowest price for a Tier 1 single day (one park) ticket the same that it has been since 2019. But available Tier 1 days are few and far between. However, all other prices are going up, substantially in some cases.  Additionally, a new Tier 6 ticket has been added to the pricing structure for the most in-demand days of the year. 

Disneyland charges different prices on different days depending on expected demand. Beginning today (October 25th) they will have 6 different pricing tiers for one day tickets. Note that multi-day tickets have a flat pricing structure and do not have tiers. If you can by two or more day tickets it makes things easier to figure out. Note that ALL TICKETS still require a valid theme park reservation. 

The top ticket price for a one day/one park ticket is now $164 (previously $154). A Park Hopper ticket caps out at $224 (previously $209): 

, Going Up – Disneyland Ticket Price Increase Today!

Disneyland Parking Price Increase

Parking also makes a big leap, jumping $5 to $30.  Ouch! 

, Going Up – Disneyland Ticket Price Increase Today!

Disneyland Dream Key Passport Sells Out!

While the new Magic Keys (annual pass replacement program) aren’t changing price, the Dream Key is now SOLD OUT until further notice  And with theme park reservations hard to come by through the end of the year, we wouldn’t be surprised to see other key levels sell out as well.  

, Going Up – Disneyland Ticket Price Increase Today!


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, Going Up – Disneyland Ticket Price Increase Today!

Let’s Hear From You!

Are you in ticket turmoil or glad to see Disney attempting to curtail crowds with higher prices? Every time Disney raises prices it’s tempting to think they are nearing the highest price they can charge without causing a collapse in demand, but that threshold never seems to be crossed. What do YOU think that top number really is? Are we nearing it or is there still a lot of room left for Disney to go?  We look forward to hearing from you.  

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