The only constant in the world is change, and that’s even more of a truth in the theme park industry. At the moment, Disneyland is in a major state of flux. Seasons are changing. The 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration is ending. Star Wars land construction has forever altered parts of Disneyland’s back country. Marvel is making a move on California Adventure . . . and . . . Halloween is just about to burst into the parks with fall colors, villains and extra cost tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Party.

Speaking of Halloween, we spotted something new at the Haunted Mansion that we think you are going to really like. A new graveyard! We also have a new Disneyland Update author to introduce you to, Beth Castles, who shares her opinions in the “Diamond Anniversary” section of today’s update.

Diamonds Aren’t Forever

The Good, The Bad & The Dazzling of Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary

by Beth Castles


The Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration is coming to a dazzling end next week and I am finding myself feeling especially nostalgic. The main focus of the Diamond Celebration has been Walt Disney and the magic that he was able to create through his unique storytelling, hard work and a very talented and dedicated team. While I won’t deny that there are a few things about the Diamond Celebration that I would have done differently, the Disneyland Resort is the only Disney resort that was built and enjoyed by Walt Disney himself. I have loved seeing Disneyland showcased worldwide as the crown jewel of Disney Parks.


Park hours were extended greatly throughout the Diamond Celebration at both Disneyland Park and Disneyland California Adventure Park and that has definitely been a big highlight. There is simply more time for more magic and merriment to be had. These extended hours have helped a lot, especially considering the huge crowds of people who have visited the Disneyland Resort during the Diamond Celebration. Longer hours allowed guests to enjoy more of what Disneyland has to offer – including a brand new Hatbox Ghost in the Haunted Mansion, new nighttime spectaculars, new food, drinks, merchandise, and decorations.

Photo_2 3

For me, Disneyland Forever has been the real gem of the impressive Diamond Celebration offerings. It does a great job of celebrating the classics that made the Walt Disney Company the biggest entertainment company in the world and that made Walt Disney a cultural icon, while still showcasing more recent commercial Disney successes. With all the colorful projections, memorable music, impressive special effects and pyrotechnics, Disneyland Forever is the biggest fireworks presentation ever presented at Disneyland and is my personal favorite. In fact, it is the Disneyland experience that I will miss the most once the Diamond Celebration has concluded.


Photo_2 2

I have always enjoyed watching the Paint the Night Parade, but I must admit that I have mixed feelings about it. Anyone watching this very popular nighttime parade can see that it is visually striking and that the infectious music has a way of pumping up all but the grumpiest Disneylanders. I just wish that it had been based more on the storytelling found in Walt’s Disneyland. The classic attractions of Disneyland feature so many timeless stories that could have easily been perfect for such a colorful nighttime parade, such as Dumbo, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland and Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. Lastly, I would have also hoped that the Diamond Celebration itself would have inspired its own new nighttime parade, not simply an updated and improved version of a parade from Hong Kong Disneyland.


Again, I will not say that I do not enjoy World of Color Celebrate!, because I do. I absolutely love that the focus is mostly on popular Disneyland attractions, Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. I also appreciate that it is hosted by Mickey Mouse, the mouse that “started it all”, and Neil Patrick Harris, a self-proclaimed Disneyland fanatic. The biggest highlights for me are seeing the old footage of Walt and hearing his voice being carried throughout the area. I am always touched by his special good night message at the very end of the show. After years of saying good night to Walt when leaving the resort, Walt is now able (symbolically, of course) to return the gesture to me and his other parting guests. While I do enjoy the show, I must also admit that there are still moments when it feels forced and more like a syrupy sweet commercial than a cohesive show.

Photo_ 2

Another Disneyland experience I will surely miss is the Diamond Celebration Photo Spots, featuring six very popular Disneyland Resort destinations: the Haunted Mansion, the Matterhorn and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disneyland Park and a bug’s land, California Screamin’ and Grizzly Peak in Disney California Adventure Park. During the Diamond Celebration, guests have been able to use the magic of forced perspective to recreate Disneyland postcards where they could scale the Matterhorn or even experience life as a bug. These memorable photo opportunities are all very playful and fun and Disney PhotoPass services have been provided (including photographers during select times) at each photo spot to allow guests to further personalize their photos. I hope similar photo spots are coming in the future and become permanent offerings at the Disneyland Resort.





The variety of merchandise created for the Diamond Celebration has been quite substantial. There really was something for everyone. Hundreds of products were created to commemorate the Diamond Celebration, including apparel, pins, artwork, collectibles and toys. My favorite offerings are the artwork, the iconic Mickey balloon popcorn buckets (in red, blue and purple), the (somewhat uncomfortable but still very beautiful) crystal Minnie Mouse headband, the Disneyland Forever Alex & Ani bracelet and the Disneyland Diamond Celebration Tumbler with Straw by Starbucks. My biggest disappointment with the merchandise has been the focus on the 60th Diamond Celebration logo and not on the actual history of Disneyland. I would have really loved to have seen more merchandise featuring Disneyland’s history, such as attractions, parades and shows from the past sixty years like the Totally Minnie parade I so vividly remember seeing as a child.

Photo_ 3

Much like the decorations found throughout the resort and the merchandise, the Diamond Celebration foods and drinks being offered are mostly inspired by the Diamond Celebration logo and color scheme. Everywhere you look, guests can find tasty cake pops, caramel apples, various lemonades and more to enjoy. The only offerings I cannot personally endorse are the visually pleasing but oddly tasting Disneyland Park Diamond Lemon Cupcake, the Disney California Adventure Park Diamond Orange Cupcake and the Diamond Celebration Chocolate Cake due to the somewhat strange banana/passion, fruit/mango/lemon mousse.


The Diamond Celebration started with a big party, an all-night party to be exact, and it really was a perfect way to kick off the 60th anniversary celebration and to be introduced to the new nighttime entertainment offerings. While my family and I thoroughly enjoyed the 24 hour party and being at Disneyland during the Elton John performance for the then upcoming Disneyland Diamond Anniversary Special, I was more than a little disappointed when the special aired because I felt it should have been more focused on Disneyland and less on unrelated musical performances. It was an opportunity lost to fully capture why Disneyland continues to be so special and unique to those watching.


Walt Disney is my personal hero, so I have really enjoyed that he and his storytelling has been the main focus of the Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration. Disneyland will always be special. This is the park where Walt proved that his grand dream of a magic kingdom for both adults and children alike to enjoy together was indeed possible. Disneylanders have always been a passionate and dedicated group, and sixty years of Disneyland is truly something to celebrate. I have enjoyed being a part of the Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration and witnessing firsthand much of its epic run; I will definitely miss it once it’s finally over. What about you?


Disneyland Is Your Land

Time marches on, but even as things change, there are some things which remain the same.

There’s still a train at Main Street Station. And while it may not be going anywhere, it’s still a great attraction. Let’s walk over and see what’s going on up there.
On the way to the train, we ran into these guys.


Construction walls are up on the right side of the train station. plumbing and electrical are being redone. After this week, the walls will move to the other side of the station.


There’s a train on the platform. Normally, you’d get in a car and off you’d go. But with the train down for Star Wars land construction, things are a bit different right now. The conductors, engineers, and staff of the Disneyland Railroad are all available to give you a tour of the engine, chat with you about the trains, and tell you a bit of history.
This guy is awesome. He’s not just a certified engineer on the Disneyland Railroad, he’s an aerospace engineer and instructor. But he couldn’t have been happier to sit with us and show us how the train works. There is so much more involved with getting these trains to go than you’d imagine.


You can even climb into the cab.


These are some of the finest people and friendliest cast members we’ve ever met. We strongly encourage you to take a few moments to stop by and say hello during this golden opportunity to experience a bit of Disneyland history in a whole new way.



Next to the train station is Disneyana. It’s a favorite stop for Disney collectors. . . and I can’t help myself . . .

This being the former Bank of Main Street, there’s a vault here. What’s being displayed in this prime spot? . . .
Frozen of course.
There’s all sorts of original art and prints available in this store. Much of it is really unique. Loved this whimsical take on Snow White.
See anything you need?


Thomas Kinkade is long dead, but his studio still churns out artwork for Disney.
Be our guest, be our guest, put our artwork to the test.


The gallery connects to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, which is currently closed for refurbishment.
It was a fairly busy Saturday at Disneyland when these photos were shot.
Waits were long-ish, but not impossible on Saturday. Sunday was much less busy.
Some friends were dining at the Riberbelle Terrace. I stopped by to say hello. It’s a lovely establishment . . .
They converted the place to table service back in February. However . . .
They awkwardly kept the old quick service queue and buffet windows. This place works out great as table service, it would be great if they could complete the interior renovation and make this establishment feel less temporary.

On the river, there’s all sorts of work going on.


The colors keep changing on the Fantasmic stage. For years the shack was weathered wood. A few weeks ago they unveiled a bright teal and burgundy look. Then construction scrims went back up. And when they came down, the brighter look had been toned down a bit.
Nearby, the Columbia is being reworked to look more like a pirate ship. Fantasmic is rumored to be replacing the Peter Pan scene with a more synergistic Pirates of the Caribbean scene. Those sorts of changes didn’t work out well for World of Color, let’s hope they mesh well with the rest of Fantasmic.




Spoiler Alert!!!  . . .

Yet another River resident is getting some big changes. The Haunted Mansion is down for the annual conversion to Haunted Mansion Holiday. But this year, there are some new surprises . . .


Some new tombstones have been installed on the hillside.
Looks great. Can’t wait to see it up close.


Have you run across Lucky the Pirate? He’s fantastic. He entertains around the river area. One of the true gems of Disneyland.


multiple refurbishment projects continue on the island.
The river path in Critter Country that we previously told you about is finally under construction.
The stairs and ramp to the lower level of Hungry Bear, where the bathrooms are located, have been closed to allow a new pathway to be built. The new path will lead between the restaurant and the river and stretch all the way into Star Wars land.
Since the nearest bathrooms are all the way back in New Orleans Square, they have found a clever way to get you into the Hungry Bear restrooms now that the stairs are closed.
A new temporary path has been created by Winnie the Pooh which takes you a back way into the lower level of the Hungry Bear.



Back in New Orleans Square, scrims are up behind the train station.
The Mansion may be down, but you can still get your fill of Mansion merch at Port Royal.
They are currently offering a book which contains a CD of attraction music.

The merchandise mix has shifted to mainly Jack Skellington.






This toddler outfit really cracked me up. LOL.

Let’s make the hop over to Fantasyland.


The entire Peter Pan building is now behind scrims. However, the attraction remains open with very long lines.




Not far away is Tomorrowland, where Season of the Force is on its final leg.









Ghost Galaxy will soon replace Hyperspace Mountain. The question is, will Hyperspace return after Halloween, or will the original version of the attraction return at long last? Which version of the attraction would you like to see after Halloween?

Star Trader has all sorts of fun merchandise right now. It’s one of the most innovative stores in the park.




A line of merchandise featuring Disneyland/Star Wars attraction poster parody are really awesome.




This is what should really replace Autopia. 😉
Magnet versions of the artwork.


C3P0 shoes. There’s a lot of Star Wars merchandise exclusive to women right now.



Hubba Hubba

The next series of shots were all taken from the hub. I shot one or more from each spoke. Gives you a good idea of how the park currently looks/feels.








The Market House facade refurbishment on Main Street continues (where Starbucks is located). A section of scrim was missing when we took this photo, which allows us to take a closer look.



StarWars Construction Update


Darth Daver published a complete update on the current state of Star Wars land construction:

The Dirt Star.
The Dirt Star.
SWL-Aug 25-N 4
Those metal posts stand behind the Fantasyland Theater. The train will travel between them and the back of the theater.

SWL-Aug 25-NE 4

SWL-Aug 25-W 2
There’s a massive amount of work, and workers, on the job site.

If you want the full collection of Star Wars land construction photos and news click here and jump on over to Darth Daver’s update!

Disney California Adventure

Take a few steps and you’re in a whole new world. While there isn’t much visible progress in California Adventure, there soon will be.


Halloween has arrived in the stores of Buena Vista Street.

Diamonds are soon to be in the bargain bin. Replaced by . . .
This shirt has a black cape on the back.




Glow in the dark sweatshirt.






Officer Blue caught some shenanigans on Buena Vista Street.


It seems that the messenger girls were up to no good. Thank goodness for top quality security. 😉


Beloved artist, Noah, was signing at Off the Page this past weekend.







On the Pier, Treasures in Paradise has given up completely on Duffy the Disney Bear. Duffy’s room has been taken over by Mickey and Minnie. I couldn’t find any trace of Duffy.





Just outside of Treasures in Paradise is the Cover Bar. Although seating has nearly doubled, lines to get in are longer than ever. At noon on Saturday, the wait was 50 minutes for a seat.








The backlot is a bit dull during the day. The Pete’s Dragon preview has closed, leaving only Monster’s Inc open in this section of the park.










IMG_2386   IMG_2390


Refurbishment Round Up

Disneyland continues to grow and change, now more than ever. Here is a brief list of some upcoming projects:


  • Haunted Mansion is closed through Sep. 9 to transform into Haunted Mansion Holiday.
  • Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is closed until mid-September.
  • Hyperspace Mountain closes Tuesday Sept. 6 to become Ghost Galaxy on Friday, Sep. 9
  • Diamond Celebration ends on Sep. 6. And with it goes the extensive décor which will switch to Halloween Time as well as:
    • Paint The Night, which goes dark after Sep. 5 and is coming back for select dates during the holidays before changing to the Main Street Electrical Parade early next year.
    • World of Color – Celebrate! Which will change to the original World of Color show.
    • Disneyland Forever will be replaced by Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks, which will run mostly on a weekend only schedule.


  • A remodeled Rivers of America with the Sailing Ship Columbia, Mark Twain Riverboat, Tom Sawyer’s Island, Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes and Disneyland Railroad will reopen next summer (2017) as well.

Disney California Adventure:

  • Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror will close in January to become “Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT” next summer.
  • Ariel’s Undersea Adventure is closing for a lengthy refurbishment September 6 through 28th
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